Case study – Property Initiatives

About Property Initiatives

Is an independent, niche property and asset management consultancy, that provide all assists of property management advice to a wide variety of clients ranging from Owner Investor to the Corporate Occupier.


A Building with over two hundred doors to maintain as part of the landlords demise, we found that the high volume of call outs to faulty doors be it the door closers to failed hinges warranted a re think. We decided to attend on a planned maintenance visit twice a year to adjust doors, check for possible failures and check the integrity of the doors.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Part of the works needed to be carried out of normal working hours to ensure that no disruption caused to tenants
  • A door schedule compiled as a base list for door inspections carried out and all future doors inspections logged against the same schedule
  • We found that certain door closures previously fitted were not suited for the application, a specific door closure then chosen to replace any door closer going forward, bulk purchase of these door closers meant large cost savings per unit


With in the first year call outs reduced significantly, the overall cost over the year on the maintenance visits halved the previous years call outs and door repairs budget. This also meant the building manager felt safe in the knowledge the doors met fire regulations through out the year.


Property Initiatives


UK House, 180 Oxford Street


Programmed Door inspections and maintenance


Maintenance Contractor


Twice annually


£1.5K – £2K